5 Baby things you should buy used

If you have a baby on the way, there’s a lot you’re planning for. Whether it’s your first child or your third, there are still items you’ll need to update or buy more of. Your “to-purchase” list is probably extensive, and even if you’re having a baby shower, there are still items you’ll need to get yourself. Luckily, this doesn’t have to break the bank; there are plenty of ways to save money. Shopping secondhand is one of those ways! To help you out, we’ve listed some of the top baby items you should buy used.

A Stroller

Strollers are great to purchase used, as long as you buy one made after 2015. Safety standards have not been updated since then, so they’ll follow the same regulations. As you’re looking for the perfect used stroller, check for broken, loose, or missing parts. Push it around and see whether it’s a safe, smooth, sturdy ride. Better yet, see if it includes the instruction manual.

Toys on Toys

Toys are another fantastic item to buy used. As long as they don’t have any loose parts (for small babies) or chipped paint, they should be good to go for your children. Wipe the toys down well before you hand them over. When it comes to plush or fabric toys, however, you’re going to want to play it even safer.

A Highchair

Similar to strollers, highchairs are an awesome thing to search for at secondhand stores. Ensure that the chair has a five-point harness to prevent a child from climbing out, as well as a fixed crotch point so that he or she can’t slide out. As long as these two elements are included, a used or hand-me-down highchair is perfectly fine to use.

Baby Clothes

When it comes to used baby items, clothes are at the top of the list. Babies grow out of clothes so quickly that it makes more sense to buy used for a much better price than to buy new, pay more, and then have the baby grow out of them in two weeks. Make sure that all clasps, buttons, and zippers are secure, and then ensure that nothing is unraveling—then it should be fine to take home, wash, and wear!

Baby Bathtubs

If baby bathtubs appear to be clean and well maintained, then they are fine to buy used. Again, babies grow out of baby bathtubs quickly, so don’t spend a lot of money when they’ll grow out of it in a month or two. For all your secondhand baby item needs, turn to Posh By Avi. We have everything from baby clothes to toys and strollers, and so much more. Visit us WWW.POSHBYAVI.COM. We want to help you save money in this exciting time—shop with us now!

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